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Researching Multilingually CTIS seminar – 7th March

Researching Multilingually: Some Challenges and Complexities from Different Disciplines 

In this seminar we set out the aims of the AHRC funded ‘Researching multilingually’ research network, part of the Translating Cultures research theme. We report on our own research experiences and those of participants in the network who have engaged in research contexts and with research participants where multilingualism has characterised the interaction. A common characteristic of the research encounters has been that multilingualism per se has not been the focus for the research, rather, the researcher has approached their research from their own discipline (tourism studies, deaf studies, counselling, education, intercultural communication, modern language studies). We explore some of the areas of opportunity and complexity which these studies have raised at various stages of the research process such as literature reviewing in different languages, engaging in ethical processes in multilingual contexts, collaborating with interpreters, working with data generated in more than one language, writing up research in different languages for different audiences.

Dr Jane Andrews, Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of the West of England researches and teaches in the area of languages and education, and learning out of school.

Dr Richard Fay, Lecturer in Education at The University of Manchester, has specialist interests in TESOL, intercultural education and intercultural communication, narrative research, and researcher education.

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